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Network Netherlands Standard Package

Our standard package assumes that you (and your family) will be moving to The Netherlands for a period of at least one year. It assumes that you are coming here to work for an established company or that you are relocating to set up a business. Most of all, it assumes that you are already fully occupied with your own work and do not have the time or the inclination to spend on the numerous details involved in the relocation process. Our objective is to fully inform you from the start. A pre-arrival discussion is conducted free of charge, in order for us to discover what your expectations are for the relocation and for you to fully understand what is required from you, in order to ensure that the relocation proceeds in the most efficient way possible.

The standard package is divided into three distinct areas, each with a fixed number of hours allocated to their completion:

  • Registration documents, including applications for MVV visas, work and residence permits, social security numbers, and 30% tax benefits
  • Accommodation search, including property search, contract negotiations, and arrangement of temporary accommodation until you find a home which fits your needs
  • Additional services such as: health, home, and auto insurance, school registration, bank accounts, and utilities and phone contracts

The total time investment is 40 hours, but where Network Netherlands differs from other relocation agencies is that if we don’t use the full 40 hours, you don't pay for them. You are only charged for the service you use. If you do not require the additional services, Network Netherlands deducts the cost from your package. If you decide that the first apartment you visit is the one for you, we reduce the cost from the total time allocation for the accommodation search. Our flexibility and the continuity of our service will ensure that, in all but the most exceptional cases, the package will be completed within the 40 hours. No extra hours are spent without your specific approval

For more information, download the Standard Relocation Package informational brochure in PDF format.

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